Hetzner begins earthworks at data center site in Tuusula, Finland

Hetzner Online GmbH, a German provider of data centre services, has begun work at the site of its future data center park in Tuusula. Hetzner estimates that they will kick off data center operations in the first data center building in Tuusula in the autumn of 2017.

When Hetzner Online GmbH announced at the end of last year that it was investing in a new data center park in Tuusula, Finland, it emphasized the benefits of this particular location. The northern climate conditions, Finland’s geographically favourable location between Eastern and Western Europe, and the economical electricity prices make Finland and Tuusula the ideal address for the next Hetzner home.

Hetzner Online has already completed about 20 data center buildings in Germany, and has created a specially designed plan for its data centers. This plan has not only proved successful in drastically reducing energy use, but it is also easily scalable and adaptable to local environs. Hetzner engineers will bring this well-tested building concept to Finland, but use local crews and contractors, says Ilari Seitsonen, the construction manager on the Tuusula site.

The site in Tuusula is 150,000 square meters, which is spacious enough for eight data center buildings. The buildings, which are each 4,000 square meters, will be constructed one by one over the next several years.

The Tuusula data center complements two German sites in Falkenstein and Nuremburg. In addition to their European sites, the Hetzner team also includes a data center in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Additional information

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  • Ari Kokkonen, Hetzner Finland Oy, Mission-Critical Facilities Engineer (project manager/electrics)
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