Excellent connectivity and strategic partnerships – The Baltic Sea data cable now in commercial use

As the new Baltic Sea data cable is now open and several strategic partnerships are being formed, Finland has become a remarkable data hub that can offer an outstanding cloud backbone and – together with its partners – the fastest connections all the way from Chicago to Hong Kong and from Moscow to Madrid.

With the Baltic Sea data cable now in commercial use, the new Northern Digital Highway connects the main Central European telecommunication nodes via Finland to Russia and Asia. For example, the world’s busiest Internet exchange point in Frankfurt, DE-CIX, is now connected via submarine cable and Finland’s existing fiber-optic connections directly to the Russian border, and farther to the east via the so-called Silk Road.

“Finland is now a more exciting place for a data center than ever before. As new, extremely fast connections are making the world smaller, our profitable data center and digitalization services are now within reach of the entire world. Finland enjoys one of the world’s best connectivity hubs, while its natural conditions, inexpensive energy pricing and favorable taxation make it nearly 50% cheaper to locate a data center in Finland compared to other European countries,” says Alpo Akujärvi, Head of Industry at Finpro’s Invest in Finland.

The new digital highway links Northern and Central Europe with a record-breaking capacity of 144 Tbps, enabling data center providers to benefit from Finland’s cool climate, strict privacy laws and low energy pricing.

“With latency of under 20 milliseconds, data travels from Helsinki to Central Europe as fast as if Helsinki was located in the suburbs of Frankfurt,” says Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, Executive Vice President of the Cinia Group, a Finland-based provider of intelligent connectivity and transmission services.

Next: strategic partnerships and plans for Arctic Connect cable

”Our strategy is to develop the European data center market systematically and form strategic partnerships that will improve our position and offering even further. Partnering with innovative suppliers helps us to develop an efficient optical backbone network and to offer cutting-edge connectivity services. With our new optical transmission infrastructure, we can provide corporate customers, operators and Industry 4.0 players with a fast, reliable and high-quality network all across Europe,” Joensuu says.

The recent agreement with Hibernia connects Cinia’s backbone with the transatlantic Hibernia Express, providing fast connection between North America and Europe, while the contract with Avelacom secures fast connections to Central and Southern Europe. Cinia has also strengthened its connections in Asia by selecting Huawei, a leading Chinese provider of optical transport network solutions, as one of its platforms. The recent agreement with the security protocol technology leader SSH Communications Security ensures that Cinia’s critical infrastructure fulfills today’s exceptionally high security requirements and that C-Lion1 customers can acquire all critical data security components directly from Cinia.

”While our existing routes and recent agreements already form the fastest route of its kind from West to East, negotiations on building a new Arctic Connect route through the Northeast Passage to Asia are in progress. That would of course strengthen Finland’s position between East and West even further. The project will still take some time to materialize. However, even the Sea Lion cable was only a draft just three years ago. Thus, a lot can happen in a couple of years,” Joensuu points out.

Cinia shortlisted in the Datacloud Awards 2016

Cinia has been shortlisted in the Datacloud Awards 2016. “Excellence in Connectivity Award” recognizes high levels of service reliability and availability provided by cable, dark fiber and Internet Exchange providers. All the shortlisted companies in this category are: Cinia Cloud Oy, Equinix, Level 3 Communications and PCCW Global.

“Being named is in itself a great achievement and recognition for the work done. We will continue to develop the European data center market systematically, promoting services that make the world smaller and allow for more efficient and more secure data transfer and cloud services. This will increase the competitiveness of all of Europe,” Joensuu says.


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