Equinix opens internet exchange in Finland

American data center company Equinix will launch the Equinix Internet Exchange™ in Helsinki, Finland.

The new internet exchange will give Finnish companies more ways to connect to partners throughout their digital supply chains. In general, the service lowers IP transit costs and enhances speed and reliability, increasing overall connectivity.

“During the last three years, we have invested more than 70 million euros in data centers in Finland,” says Sami Holopainen, managing director at Equinix Finland.

“The strategic position between the East and the West provides organizations based in Central Europe with both an ideal location for their data and the shortest route to Russian and Asian markets,” he adds.

Equinix is actively seeking solutions for the challenges of the digital economy. The new Helsinki exchange answers the increasing demand for network performance and capacity

“We will address this challenge by opening the exchange in Helsinki, which will build on the success we’ve had developing internet exchanges in Zurich and Paris,” comments Eric Schwartz, president of EMEA at Equinix.

Currently, the American company operates six data centers in Finland, all in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which offer campus and metro-wide connectivity.

In addition, the data centers in Helsinki facilitate Internet connectivity growth locally by anchoring the new Cinia submarine cable system, C-Lion1, between Finland and Germany. The C-Lion1 provides a bridge between Russia, the Baltic countries, and network nodes in Central Europe.

“We warmly welcome the internet exchange to Finland as a milestone on our mission to attract data center operators and data-intensive organizations to locate in the Nordic countries,” underlines Alpo Akujärvi, head of industry at Finpro’s Invest in Finland.

According to Akujärvi, Finland has several advantages as a digital hub.

“Innovation is deep in the heart of the Finnish society, and we strive to build digital infrastructure and digital expertise to enable secure, reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally conscious business operations,” he says.

As of today, Equinix’s global interconnection platform comprises of more than 145 data centers, which handle 5.6 terabits of peak traffic, a figure growing at over 35 percent per year.

Source: Equinix